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Jun 7, 2022

In this episode, Dr. Scott and Tommy discuss fructose consumption, visceral adiposity index, can visceral adiposity index serve as a simple tool for identifying individuals with insulin resistance in daily clinical practice.


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Can Visceral Adiposity Index Serve as a Simple Tool for Identifying Individuals with Insulin Resistance in Daily Clinical Practice?

Fructose consumption: potential mechanisms for its effects to increase visceral adiposity and induce dyslipidemia and insulin resistance -


HOMA-IR Calculator


VAI Calculation


Females : VAI = (WC/36.58+(1.89xBMI)) x (TG/0.81) x (1.52/HDL)


Males : VAI = (WC/39.68+(1.88xBMI)) x (TG/1.03) X (1.31/HDL)