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Sep 29, 2020

In this episode, Dr. Scott and Tommy have a candid discussion about how habits can slip over time and results can slow. Success leaves clues, but sometimes it takes a while to realize we haven't made progress in a while. A bit of self-reflection leads them to a framework for jump-starting a change.

Perceive. Realizing there's a problem and it’s not fixing itself based on current habits. This can take a while, as excuses are easy to cover up and explain away the problem for a while.

Decide. Making the choice that the change begins right now, because there’s no other solution. Not waiting until after the weekend. Right now.

Plan. Filling in the blanks for which behaviors and standards will change (now) and what that looks like day-to-day. “I don’t care about the work meeting this week, I’m drinking lemon water.” Tuesday night dinner is tacos and I love them, so I’ll be cleaning the closet and gutters.”

Execute. Setup your environment to give you the tools you need. Fasting timer app? Wall calendar size printout of your fasting plan so you see it throughout the day?


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