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Jul 4, 2023

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  1. Learn how to RAMP UP into longer fasting windows!
  2. Gain insights into the non-weight loss benefits of fasting!
  3. Personalize your own fasting schedule and consistent FAT LOSS results!
  4. Get answers to what breaks a fast, how to break a fast, and tips and tricks to accelerate your fasting wins!




In this episode of the Fasting for Life podcast, Dr. Scott Watier and Tommy Welling discuss habit ladders and habit stacking in relation to adopting a fasting lifestyle. They stress the importance of finding the fasting schedule that suits your specific lifestyle and habits. The hosts break down the five steps of building habit ladders, which include identifying the goal action, breaking it down into stages, making it easy, progressing the habit, and staying consistent. They advise starting with achievable steps and gradually progressing towards more complex habits. Setting reminders, creating routines, and removing obstacles can help make the habit easier to achieve. They emphasize the need for patience and consistency in habit formation. The hosts also encourage finding non-food rewards to stay motivated throughout the process. They provide a free resource, the Fasting for Life Blueprint, and invite listeners to join the Fasting for Life community on Facebook. The episode concludes with a summary of the actionable steps discussed and a message of gratitude.


Show Transcript:


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