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Jan 3, 2023

In today’s episode, we hit the highlights from 2022 and outline the most impactful and important topics from the last 12 months.  You can use this episode as a mental reset for a fresh start in the new year, or to get back ON TRACK and stay on track moving forward. We are building on last week's episode of goals and rounding out the end of 22’ in a positive way, focusing on what WAS working and leaning into those things. Today we dive into the accelerated roadmap to the most impactful topics and episodes from this past year. Listen in, and hope you enjoy! The episode reference list is below with links!

Ep 150 - Tenets for a Successful Fasting Lifestyle

Ep 146 - High Blood Sugar in the AM 

Ep 143 - Fasting and Disease Prevention

Ep 140 - The 80/20 Rule of Success and going from OMAD to OMG!

Ep 134 - Clean vs Dirty Fasting and Insulin Sensitivity

Ep 133 - The 3 Fasting Types and Your Habit Patterns

Ep 126 - How do I get back on track? Choosing the right fasting schedule!

Ep 125 - WIllpower vs Discipline - Habit Building 101

Ep 124 - The Food Compass and What a Healthy Food Truly Is

Ep 121 - Food Addiction and how to build strong food relationships

Ep 128 - Visceral Adiposity and the VAT Index

Ep 119 - What is Visceral Fat? Adinopectin + IR + Visceral Fat

Ep 115 - Exercise Fasted vs Fed - body composition considerations

Ep 108 - Mariage Merge! Foodie vs Fastie - How to maintain fasting progress

Ep 107 - Listener Q and A 

Ep 106 - How John lost 5-+ pounds in 4 months and has kept it off!


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